September Newsletter


COVID-19 drags on; however things are improving, and we are learning to cope. Don't forget even if you can't be as social you have in the past, we can still have activities and function as a community. We just have to be more careful. Keep checking on your neighbors, particularly those who live alone.

Don’t forget many families are still struggling. The Network of Community Ministries is looking for food donations. More information

National Night Out, October 6th

Due to COVID-19 visits will be limited to officers slowly driving through the area. Officers will not stop to speak with groups or households but may occasionally stop to take a picture while observing proper social distancing protocols. Celebrations should be limited to individual family households and not large block parties. So, plan a party in your front yard and register on-line.  The deadline for registration is this coming Sunday, September 20th.

Register here.

Contact Crime Prevention (972-744-4955) if you have questions.

September Yard of the Month

The Yard of the Month judges fanned out in neighborhood and selected some winners for September.

Runner up:
Linda Brown
1108 Morningstar

Congratulations! She received a $25 gift certificate from Bruce Miller Nursery.

Winners, Kiki and Doug Winters
1102 Windsong

Congratulations! They received a $25 gift certificate from Bruce Miller Nursery.

Decorated Mailbox Contest

Morningstar had a mailbox decorating contest and it was such a great idea, we thought the whole neighborhood should get involved.

For the month of October, we are having a decorate-your-mailbox contest. You can do a scary Halloween mailbox or a fall theme, or just use your imagination. This applies only to homes with mailboxes in the front.

For those of us west of Briarcrest that don't have mailboxes in the front, we will have a decorate-your-porch contest.

First place will receive a $50 gift card and second place, $25 gift card.

You do not have to sign up, just decorate. But in order for this to be a success and prizes to be awarded, we need at least 30 mailbox and porch participants.

The winners will be notified on the last day of October. Any questions, please contact Janice at

Here are some pictures of decorated mailboxes on Morningstar.


Have you gotten scary still in 2020? Then join us for a Walk-tober step challenge. To enter simply log your steps (use your phone pedometer, smart watch, Fitbit, etc) and post a screen shot/picture of your weekly steps along with your category (see below) on Facebook or email to April Anderson by 11:59pm each Saturday. Winners will be announced each Sunday morning by category for bragging rights. Then a $50 Amazon gift card (for the winner) and a $25 Amazon gift card (for the runner-up) will be awarded to the individuals with the overall highest steps in November. Let’s step it up and encourage each other to get moving this October as a community!!”

  • Oct 1-3: Individual (provide your name in your post/email)
  • Oct 4-10: Ladies vs Gentlemen (provide your gender in your post/email)
  • Oct 11-17: Street competition (provide Street name in your post/email)
  • Oct 18-24: Age (provide your age by decade in post/email… 0-10, 11-20, 31-40, 61-70, etc)
  • Oct 25-31: East or West Briarcrest (provide address in post/email)

More Than A Crime Watch Patrol

Neighborhood Crime Watch is a program run by The City of Richardson Police Department Crime Prevention Unit. Neighborhood Crime Watch does not substitute for police protection. They supplement police activities by providing extra eyes, ears, and caring. Neighborhood Crime Watch is people looking out for people and is considered a major deterrent against crime. When neighbors know each other personally, they are more aware of each other’s habits and routines. This awareness in turn makes them knowledgeable of peculiarities and unusual events. When neighbors know one another, they are more willing to get involved.

North College Park Crime Watch has been doing just that for 21 years. A few weeks ago, a North College Park Crime Watch patroller heard a woman moaning and saw her holding her heart. Observing that the woman was in serious pain and distress, the patroller called 911 and remained with the woman to comfort her. The patroller directed the Fire Truck and Ambulance and flagged down 3 Police Cars. The woman was taken away by ambulance and hopefully is doing well now.

Our North College Park Neighborhood Crime Watch program would love to have your participation. If you would like to join us contact Doug Freeman at

Richardson Strong Yard Signs

We still have a few signs left. The signs are $10 each with all proceeds going to The Network of Community Ministries. If you want a sign for your yard, please contact Janice Gromadin at

Welcome Baskets

Please welcome:

Cynthia Bataillard at 1106 Morningstar.

If you know of someone new, let Vicki know and be sure they are aware of the association, newsletter and website. Vicki can be reached at


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About North College Park Neighborhood Association

NCPNA is a neighborhood association and, unlike a homeowner's association, we do not have any authority over anyone’s property. We sponsor activities and projects to help make our neighborhood a more pleasant and safe place to live. Volunteers are always needed, and we look forward to hearing about new ways to achieve our collective goals.

Contact Robert Grinsfelder at if you can help with any of these activities.

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John Slaughter
NCPNA Newsletter Editor