Crime Patrol Class

Please consider joining the Crime Watch Patrol.

Class set for March 25th, from 6pm to about 9:00pm

Read below for more information or take a look at our Crime Watch Patrol recruitment video at the following link.

The Crime Watch Patrol program asks citizens to volunteer as little as an hour a month to drive your neighborhood, reporting anything suspicious that you may see. The City of Richardson supplies Crime Watch Patrol signs for each group to use on their vehicles. The continued visible presence of an active group of citizens sends the message to would be criminals in the area that their presence will be reported immediately. This risk of apprehension can be an effective deterrent to crime. 

Each applicant will need to complete the online application at here and pass a background check before attending a Crime Watch Patrol training class. 
If you have any questions, contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 972-744-4955.