House Number and Street Signs For North College Park Residents


With homeowner’s permission we would like to place a house number for every house without cost or obligation to the homeowner. For corner lots, we would like to place a street sign just below the house number sign.


It is city code to have house numbers visible from the alley so that fire and police personnel can easily identify from the alley. Having a number/ street sign helps our crime watch patrollers know which alley they are on. Plus delivery folks can easily identify the home.


Signs will be made on demand from home owners.

Signs will be cut and numbers will be etched into the wood.

Neighborhood group will sand, paint and provide protective coating.

Neighborhood group will install but only install on wooden fences or chain link fences in the alley with the homeowner’s permission.  There are some plastic fences in the area, we will not install on those fences.

No signs will be attached to the house. If the homeowner wants that then they can install it themselves. One sign per house to any North College Park Resident. Extra signs for others areas of the property/alley could be done for a fee but installed by the homeowner.

There are no color or shape options.  Sign can be made without putting on a finish coat which will allow homeowners to stain them to match their fence color and they can install them.

Order processing:

Orders may be sent to Doug Freeman at or call 972-690-0844.

When ordering, please indicate if your home is a corner lot so that we can provide a street name at the corner of your alley as well. When ordering, please indicate whether we should put a protective final coat on the sign. Not putting on this final coat will allow the resident to stain the sign to match their fence and do their own installation.

Orders will be batched up and the signs will be manufactured by Harold Rosee. Our North College Park group will put on the finishing touches and install with your permission.


If you would like to volunteer to paint the numbers, apply the final finish cost and install the signs, please contact Doug Freeman at or 972-690-0844. We will have a sign building/installing session at a convenient time.