January Newsletter


Happy New Year North College Park

Somehow we made it through the wildest, weirdest year most of us have ever experienced. We came together as a community to connect where possible, helped our fellow neighbors, and made adjustments to a new normal no one saw coming. We’re thankful to our neighbors and members for your continuous support of NCPNA. We’re looking forward to a 2021 filled with a lot more time in person with all of you once it is safe. Until then, please stay diligent with social distancing, masking, hand washing, and hope for a much better year ahead for all of us! Don’t let the virus win.

North College Park Neighborhood Facebook Group

NCPNA has an active private Facebook group. One of the administrators will quickly approve your admission to the group. Click here to go to the group page: facebook.com/groups/ncpna

Membership Renewal / Flag Program

Thanks for your membership in the NCPNA! Not a member? Join today!

Again, this year we are partnering with the Rotary Club to offer a discount for the five flag placements with a paid membership. There has been a little confusion in that some of you may have received a renewal notice from the Richardson Flags Project for renewal. You can still renew your NCPNA membership and get the flags at a discount. If you have already renewed with the Rotary, we will be happy to grant you this discount with your paid membership. Membership is $25, membership with the flag option is $55.

The process is easy, just go to our website and pay for your membership and if you wish, the flag option for only $30 more. The address is http://ncpna.org/join. You may pay online or mail a check to the address provided.

Thanks for supporting North College Park Neighborhood Association.

If you want a “booster” sign, please let Vicki Bean V.Bean@att.net know and we will get you a sign.

Membership Drive Contest

This year we want to increase our membership and we are having a contest. For each new member you recruit you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Visa gift card. Anyone recruiting a new member should provide the name and address to Vicki Bean V.Bean@att.net and the new member must pay their dues by February 28th to be eligible for the $50 Visa card drawing”.

More information may be found here: http://ncpna.org/new.

Upcoming Activities

We look very forward to planning in-person events when it is safe to do so. We will continue to monitor the Covid environment and the Dallas County restrictions and guidelines. We are very hopeful, with vaccinations speeding up, that will be able to plan our traditional and some new in-person events later this year! Stay tuned and check the newsletter for updates!

Holiday Decorating Contest Results

This year we did something different and had the people’s choice rather than a judging board.

The runner prize went to Freddie and his dad, Charles Ray, 1008 Rainbow. They received a $50 Visa gift card

The winning prize went to Bruce & Betsy Blais, 1206 Serenade. They received a $50 Visa gift card.

Book Club

Book Club is back!! We’re resuming meetings virtually this month and discussing “What Alice Forgot” by Liane Moriarty. If you’re interested in borrowing a free neighborhood copy of the book or joining with us for 2021 please email April Anderson at adawn0105@gmail.com. Our January meeting is Tuesday 1/26/2021 at 7:30pm on Zoom. Monthly meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of every month going forward so you can hold the date in your calendars!

Crime Watch Report

Our North College Park Crime Watch Patrol is alive and well!

To say 2020 has been a year of change is an understatement!

We lost ten patrollers due to multiple reasons. Some of those being health, relocations, desire to do other things, etc. We thank them for their service and wish them well.

We added and/or reactivated three patrollers. We welcome them and are grateful that you have joined us in our efforts to keep North College Park as Crime Free as possible.

We have plenty of room for more patrollers. Please join us by going to this City of Richardson Police website and learn more: https://www.richardsonpolice.net/…..

Despite having fewer patrollers, this chart shows a monthly comparison of patrol hours for 2019 vs 2020. In 2019, we had 809 total patrol hours. In 2020, we had 3,053 total patrol hours. Why the big change!

The primary reason is that the City of Richardson Police Department now allows patrollers to count patrol hours while walking for exercise, walking their pets in addition to our standard method of driving the neighborhood in our cars. You can signup to do that. You can submit your hours on patrol electronically or drop your patrol log by Doug Freeman’s front step at 1004 Rainbow Drive.

Because of the efforts of these twenty-five active patrol volunteers, it is not uncommon for me to receive the North College Park weekly crime report from City of Richardson Police that reports this

Sector: North College Park No crimes found for this sector during the last 7 days.

May you have a blessed and safe 2021.
Doug Freeman

House Number Project

The city requires that all homes have clearly visible house numbers both front and back. Many homes are depending on curb lettering which have faded. This makes it difficult to identify a house for emergency services and deliveries. We encourage everyone to check and make sure the numbers are clearly visible in both the back and the front of the residence.

For several years NCPNA has volunteers who make house number signs for the rear of houses. This a free service, all you need do is to contact Doug Freeman at d1004free@aol.com to arrange for it to be installed.


We’ve had a number of families stricken with COVID, some have been mild others quite serious. They are very appreciative of the support of their neighbors and friends. Continue to keep contact with your neighbors and offer assistance as needed. Don’t forget even if you can’t be as social you have in the past, we can still have activities and function as a community. We just have to be more careful.

The Network of Community Ministries

Food donations and volunteers are sorely needed to help in our community. More information

Welcome Baskets

Vicki Bean leads a team who assemble and deliver welcome baskets to new residents.

Please welcome Luke Wilson, 907 Windsong.

If you know of someone new, let Vicki know and be sure they are aware of the association, newsletter and website. Vicki can be reached at V.Bean@att.net.


This newsletter is the collaboration of several of your neighbors. It would not be possible without their support, thank you!

If you did not receive this newsletter in your email, you can easily sign up to receive your very own copy. We send out a newsletter every month with an occasional special email. We promise to not share your email address and we won’t drown you in emails. Go to http://ncpna.org/enews and fill out the form. Be sure and look for the confirmation email and confirm the subscription.

About North College Park Neighborhood Association

NCPNA is a neighborhood association and, unlike a homeowner’s association, we do not have any authority over anyone’s property. We sponsor activities and projects to help make our neighborhood a more pleasant and safe place to live. Volunteers are always needed, and we look forward to hearing about new ways to achieve our collective goals.

Contact Robert Grinsfelder at rmgrins@aol.com if you can help with any of these activities.

John Slaughter
NCPNA Newsletter Editor