February Newsletter

Over 50 Flags Waving In North College Park!

We are excited to report that so far over 50 of our neighbors have signed up for the new Flag Program as a part of their membership in the North College Park Neighborhood Association!  Our goal is to enhance and show our community spirit! If you have already renewed, thank you! If not help us reach our goal of 100 flags this year!  You can renew your membership or become a new member and join the flag program now! You will get 5 flag placements beginning with Memorial Day.  Go to our website NCPNA.org/join/ and sign up today!

Crime Patrol Report

Thanks to a combination of good policing and a active crime watch program, we continue to enjoy a very low crime rate. The incidents we have continue to be a few vehicle break-ins. You can help in several ways: first of all lock your vehicles and remove any visible items which might tempt a would be thief to break a window. Motion sensitive lighting, particularly in the rear of your property is very effective in deterring these activities. Finally if you see unusual activity in your alley late at night, don’t hesitate to call 911 and report it. The curfew hours for any juvenile under 17 years of age are Sunday through Thursday 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and Friday and Saturday 12:01 a.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Another issue which has been a problem in nearby neighborhoods is theft from mailboxes. The vast majority of mailboxes are not of the locking variety and the installation of a locking mailbox is very effective. Homes with mailboxes in the rear of the residence are much more at risk. The major motivation for the thieves is to obtain personal information to use in identify theft.

Crime Patrol Class

We need more volunteers to joint the crime patrol team. The next class will be held March 25th, from 6pm to about 9:00pm. More information may be found on our website: ncpna.org/?p=1338 Help us continue to keep North College Park one of the safest neighborhoods in Richardson!

Spring Celebration and Egg Hunt

Mark your calendars for our annual Egg Hunt will be either the last Saturday in March or the first Saturday in April. When we have a firm date, we will make an announcement. This is a great event and always lots of fun for the entire family with games, food and friendship! A planning meeting has been scheduled and if you are interested in helping out, please contact Janice Gromadin at elway100@tx.rr.com. Check out the website for pictures from last year’s here ncpna.org/?p=1146

Fourth of July Parade and Picnic

The July 4th parade and picnic will likely occur on Saturday July 4th, 2020. We will have a parade for families, kids and pets and then have a picnic in the park! It’s always lots of fun and the children really enjoy the activity. Check out the pictures from last year’s event here: ncpna.org/?p=1205 Volunteers are needed to help. Contact Janice Gromadin at elway100@tx.rr.com if you can help with this event.

Wild Critters in the Neighborhood

You may not realize it but in addition to the squirrels, we have bobcats, coyotes, opossums, armadillos and racoons. Cats and small dogs can easily become an easy meal for a bobcat or a coyote. You should take steps to protect your pets from harm. More information may be found here: www.cor.net/departments/animal-services/wildlife

Welcome Baskets

Vicki Bean leads a team which assembles and distributes welcome baskets to new residents. Last year 10 baskets were handed out. If you know of new arrivals, please let Vicki know at V.Bean@att.net.

Yard of the Month

Thanks to everyone for your hard work to create and maintain the many beautiful yards in the neighborhood and we look forward to recognizing many first time winners this coming year beginning in March! Anyone interested in helping by being a judge should contact Vicki Bean. V.Bean@att.net


If you did not receive this newsletter in the mail, you can easily signup to receive your very own copy. Our goal this year is to send out newsletters each month with special extras when needed. We promise to not share your email address and we won’t drown you in emails. Go to http://ncpna.org/enews and fill out the form. Be sure and look for the confirmation email and confirm the subscription.

About North College Park Neighborhood Association

NCPNA is a neighborhood association and, unlike a homeowner association, we do not have any authority over anyone’s property. We sponsor activities and projects to help make our neighborhood a more pleasant and safe place to live. Volunteers are always needed, and we look forward to hearing about new ways to achieve our collective goals.

In our next issue we look forward to recognizing those neighbors who will serve as Block Captains this coming year!

Contact Robert Grinsfelder at rmgrins@aol.com if you can help with any of these activities.

John Slaughter
NCPNA Newsletter Editor