Crime Patrol Appreciation Event

We had a great celebration at The Line Sports Bar on January 14th as we expressed appreciation for the many hours that our volunteers have patrolled in our neighborhood to keep it safe. Our group of volunteers logged 809.2 patrol hours in 2019 keeping North College Park safe.

Councilman Bob Dubey and officer Raul Reyes were present to give us an update on crime in our city, our area, our neighborhood and talked about the grand opening of the new police and fire stations. Councilman Bob updated us on general developments in the city.

We moved on to celebrate the volunteers who logged the most hours in three categories:
The Lone Ranger – this person normally goes out on their own in a vehicle on patrol.
Dynamic Duo – normally two people on patrol in a vehicle
Pooch Patrol – volunteers who walk with animals or walk just like to walk.

The winners are pictured with Councilman Dubey:
The Lone Ranger: Dan Sherrod ( Doug Freeman accepts the award for Dan) 33.2 hours
Dynamic Duo: Lucy & Jerry Gilbert 74.2 hours
Pooch Patrol: Paula Hochfelder 270.0 hours

The door prize winner went John LaGreca. Doug Freeman recruited John about telling him that John could help for a few months which has morphed into several years as coordinator.

We express our appreciation and thanks for their efforts and from our team.

Special thanks for the donated prizes to Kwik Car, Christensen Tire & Automotive and Bruce Miller for their donations.

The donation of plants will make our area beautiful and the automotive services will help keep our volunteers rolling.

Thanks to The Line Sports Bar for the half-price pizza night and for hosting our monthly meeting.

Lone Ranger: Dan Sherrod ( Doug Freeman accepts the award for Dan)
Pooch Patrol: Paula Hochfelder 270.0 hours
Door prize winner: John LaGreca
Thanks to all of our Patrollers!